First edition of “Hands in Pasta” – Polaris internal training event

The first training event conceived by Polaris as an occasion to illustrate how cold can be applied optimally in food processing processes was held on 11 and 12 February.

This first edition involved the Polaris agents who work in the Italian territory and it was an opportunity to let them touch (with their palate!) the results of the blast chilling, proofing, low temperature cooking and food regenerating processes through the use of pentavalent blast chillers of the Genius line.

For the occasion, the Polaris chefs studied and created a complete menu, from appetizers to desserts, without neglecting the mise en place, with the support of the agents, who agreed to put their hands in the dough.

In addition to the techniques of preservation and preparation of the dishes, during the training the theme of the setting of the work cycles with the Polaris professional blast chillers was also addressed, which allow to obtain perfect products from the point of view of the preservation of the organoleptic properties and to manage the various phase of preparation. As proof of this, the dishes were prepared previously and were completed during the event.