First edition of “Hands in Pasta” – Internal training event targeted Polaris

The first training event organized by Polaris in order to illustrate how the cold can be applied optimally in food processing. Training was held on 11 and 12 February.

This first edition involved the Italian Sales Team in order to let them touch (and taste!) the quality of the food treated with the Polaris equipment. The results of the processes of blast chilling, proofing, low temperature cooking and food regeneration through the use of the multifunction blast chillers of the Genius line.

For the occasion, the Polaris chefs have studied and created a complete menu, from appetizers to desserts, without neglecting the mise en place, with the support of the agents, who have agreed to put their hands in the dough.

During the training, our team discovered some milestone of the food processing and work cycle with the blast chillers Polaris, witch grant a perfect hold of the texture/quality/flavor of the food and help to organize in advance the work into the kitchen. Our team prepared all the food the day before and completed the mis en place the day after. Always fresh with Polaris.