More than 30 years of experience in the field of professional refrigeration equipment. A complete range of specific equipment for various sectors, to guarantee the right solution and maximum support to all professionals working every day in the kitchen.

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Blast chillers

for any need

Designed to perfectly maintain all the properties of food over time and to ensure real savings by optimising your production processes.

The many features of the Polaris blast chillers allow for high performance and maintain the quality of dishes just made in the kitchen: positive or negative blast-chilling (+3°C or -18°C), defrosting, proofing, low-temperature cooking.

With the Polaris blast chiller, you can plan meals in advance, thereby streamlining the schedule of the whole kitchen production flow.


Refrigerated cabinets

excellence in
the kitchen

Excellent combination of functionality and design.

Polaris cabinets are fitted with cutting-edge technology to guarantee optimal performance under entirely safe conditions and considerable energy savings, along with a tangible help in managing processes in a structured and controlled manner.

Polaris cabinets stand out for their above-average containment capacity and for their high performance in storing food such as creams, desserts, cold cuts, cheese, meat, etc. Product storage and blast chilling are equally important to us.


Refrigerated tables


The ideal tool for any professional kitchen: versatile, functional and highly customisable.

Polaris tables are fitted with different cooling systems that adapt to the customer’s needs. The presence of the evaporator, either foamed or free in the chamber, depending on the model, guarantees the higher protection and air circulation, for optimal food storage over time.

As well as making full cleaning easier, the pull-out doors and drawers, the rounded edges and removable rack supports make them particularly functional tools and offer loading flexibility.