Coronavirus – Current situation

Update 06.04

POLARIS Ali Group Srl take note of the last indication of the Italian government and confirm the shout down of the production till next 10.04.2020.

Update 24.03

Polaris activities continue in Smart working mode, production and logistics remain suspended until Wednesday 25.03.

We will take care of informing you of the necessary and / or obligatory choices to be made starting from 26.03.2020.

Dear All,
in order to apply the indications of our Government regarding the containment of the Coronavirus COVID-19 and to better protect the conditions of all our operators, POLARIS Ali Group Srl has decided to suspend production activities at the Sedico (BL) plant for all next week.

Technical and Sales Back offices will remain fully active in smart working regime. The “Smart” service is confirmed until next March 23, after which we reserve the right to keep you updated about the next follow up. 

In this way, we want to give a strong signal to protect the health of our employees and to fight this pandemic as strong as we can.

With kind regards
POLARIS Ali Group Srl